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TRiNiDAD Pro ModelLaciar

TRiNiDAD Pro Models Laciar

TRiNiDAD PlayerYamamoto kokidesigned barrel

Comprised of 3 different cuts, an all rounder type long straight barrel.

Koki Yamamoto's first signature barrel.
Despite being a long straight barrel, it is a well rounded barrel that can be easily handled.

The main gripping area consists of thin double delta cuts that provide just the right amount of grip that will result in a very clean release of the darts. In front of it, are standard ring cuts and thin stair like cuts at the front of the barrel. All of these cuts can be used as the main gripping area depending on the grip, hence the characteristic of an all rounder.

With sufficient thickness that fits well in the hands and weight at 19g that is neither too light or too heavy, it is a versatile long straight barrel that can be used by all.


19.0 g
50.0 mm
Max Dia
6.4 mm
90% Tungsten

Used by Darts Player

Yamamoto koki Heng Yan Fak