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TRiNiDAD Pro ModelGomez type11

TRiNiDAD Pro Models Gomez type11

TRiNiDAD PlayerYuki Yamadadesigned barrel

Placing cuts only where needed, the ultimate simple design.
Gomez's progression towards becoming a true classic style.

With the 11th instalment of this series, we arrived at the ultimate simple straight barrel. The main gripping area consists of only 3 ring cuts. By making the top and bottom without any grooves, this emphasizes the 3 ring cut to allow the player to firmly grip the barrel.

By further adding taper near the back end of the barrel, this assists in providing support during the throw. 4 ring cuts for the index finger and 3 ring cuts for the middle finger are placed on this barrel. The cut placement on this barrel consists of only where the fingers actually make contact with the barrel.

The drilling of the thread is similar to the Gomez10. By minimizing the threads at the front and maximizing the drilling at the back of the barrel, the center of balance was brought to the front as much as possible. For the steel version, tungsten density was lowered to 80% to allow for the similar center of balance.

By trying this barrel, one will surely understand why Yuki Yamada made the 11th instalment of his signature barrel so simple.


22.0 g
52.0 mm
Max Dia
6.6 mm
95% Tungsten

Used by Darts Player

Ryuji Ueyama Katsuya Shinohara Bonie Ng