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TRiNiDAD Pro ModelLopez type3

TRiNiDAD Pro Models Lopez type3

The ultimate left rotating barrel. The next generation in the Lopez series. The Lopez Type 3!

The biggest feature is its unique diagonal cut.
It's a perfect fit when rotates the barrel to the left.
The rear end is designed for players who prefer to grip from the rear or with 3 fingers with the tapered micro shark cuts and the delta cuts are featured towards the front.
Compared to the previous Lopez type2, it is 2.1 mm shorter and 0.2 mm thicker.
It can throw nicely that it feels like throwing a ball.


19.0 g
39.0 mm
Max Dia
7.6 mm
90% Tungsten

Used by Darts Player

Kenya Ishida Ng Lai Na