TRiNiDAD-Original Darts Brand-]




A bullet barrel with a strong edge that inherited the concept of TRiNiDAD X Joe.

One of long lasting barrel in the TRiNiDAD X Series, Joe, has boasted one the strongest bite for the grip on the barrel. The new barrel Randall, inherits Joe’s greatest features.

By making the rear of the barrel shark shaped with a double ring cut, this allows elevations between the 4 double ring cuts. In addition, by adding dot cuts to this, it adds an extra “edge” on the barrel. This “cut” will provides the barrel with a strong bite when gripped. Despite this strong cut, the extra edge still allows for a nice fit when held.

When the bite on the barrel is strong, it means there will be less chance that the grip will slip and the transfer of energy to propel the darts towards the target will be maximized. You will be able to experience the exhilarating feeling when the barrel will fly like a bullet towards your target.

On the front of the barrel, it also includes a shark cut with multiple microcut to assist in completing your grip.

The design of the barrel is refined and the cut in the middle of the barrel was designed to resemble a revolver’s bullet shell that will shoot through the intended target.

As such, a barrel that will take flight like a magnum bullet is complete.


19.5 g
38.0 mm
Max Dia
7.8 mm
90% Tungsten