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Even the traditional ring cut has its secret.
A torpedo barrel that emphasizes on “pushing the barrel out”.

The benefit of the front heavy torpedo barrel is that it is easy to push out to throw the dart. In this model, we pursed to perfect the concept of “ease of pushing the barrel”.

The main gripping area consists of ring cuts. However, these are not just any other ring cuts. From the back towards the centre of the barrel, the groove becomes deeper and provides more grip compared to the back of the barrel. Near the back of the barrel, the groove is designed to be shallower so that it doesn’t disrupt the throw when releasing the dart.

The balance point is slightly to the front and is considered as semi-front. By having the balance point closer to the gripping point, the weight of the 20g dart can be felt when held and be easily pushed out when thrown. Hence, the dart’s design is not complex and uses an effective ring cut that provides sufficient grip to be able to throw the dart with ease.

The maximum diameter of the barrel is 7.8mm and is thick enough to be easily held. At the front of the barrel where it the barrel curves in, the middle finger will sit perfectly onto this section to provide a perfect fit when dart is held.

For those that have multiple points of contact with their fingers when holding the dart, those players will definitely be able to experience the greatness of this barrel.


20.0 g
40.5 mm
Max Dia
7.8 mm
90% Tungsten