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Privacy Policy

Introduction to TRiNiDAD's "Privacy policy"

FELIX CORPORATION which operates the TRiNiDAD website (later referred to as our site) respects the law protecting our site's users (later referred to as users) personal information and deals with user's personal information based on the policies found below.

  1. Personal information

    Personal information means all the information such as name, address, telephone number and email address which identifies the individuals and the information enabling the identification of the individuals when combined with other information.

  2. Collection of personal information

    In general, disclosure of the user's information is not required when browsing our site.
    Users are free to use an anonymous name, however the entry of information such as the user's name and e-mail address may be required for enquiries and other related services.

  3. Usage and purpose of personal information

    Our site uses personal information based on the purposes below.

    • User's current quality of service and the contact information when dealing with the enquiries and feedback from the users.
    • Any other purposes pertaining to the above.
  4. Management of personal information

    Our site manages the personal information according to the following.

    Partial personal information may be dealt by external outsourcing companies when providing the service. In those circumstances, we will make sure they handle personal information correctly. Unnecessary personal information will be deleted accordingly.

  5. Disclosure of personal information

    We do not disclose any personal information to the third party without user's consent. However, the below circumstances does not apply.

    • Request by the government, a court and a prosecutor, law enforcements, consumer information centers or authorities which have similar rights.
    • The laws and regulations which contains a special rule.
    • When we need to protect or defend our company's right, property or the service by the act which is against the law or our site's "Term of use and agreement" and when it is not feasible to gain user's approval.

    Furthermore, certain services that may involve delivery and shipping, information for shipping companies may be required and as such they are not considered as a third party.

  6. Using APIs

    Our site uses the YouTube Data API to retrieve video information from YouTube.
    The YouTube Data API is provided in accordance with the YouTube Terms of Service and the Google Privacy Policy.

    Please see below for the YouTube Terms of Service and the Google Privacy Policy.

  7. Revision of privacy policy

    Privacy policy is subject to change without notice.
    The revised privacy policy will be effective after being posted on our site.

  8. Range of Application

    The range of application regarding the above privacy policies are applied our site.