TRiNiDAD-Original Darts Brand-]




A straight barrel that can be thrown easily with minimal strength.
A centre balanced semi long straight barrel that yields high controllability.

The shape is quite unique for a straight barrel.
One of the key features of the barrel are the indents that are placed at the gripping point of the barrel. These indents without any cuts provides a perfect fit when held.

Despite being a straight barrel, by adding stairlike elevation between indents, power is transferred directly to the darts as the player can throw by pushing the dart out like a torpedo barrel.
The cut on the barrel will not interfere with the release and it will allow for fine adjustment and controllability.

As it allows for ease of throw and fine controllability, the weight is set at 18g that is neither too heavy or light. At the front of the barrel, ring cuts are placed to assist with the grip for the middle finger and with stacking of the darts in mind as it lands on the board.

This straight barrel can be thrown using the centre indent or from the rear part of the barrel. With the darts that feels like a torpedo barrel when thrown, this barrel is recommended for those wants to grip either the front or the back of the barrel or for those that wanted to make a transition to straight barrel but may have struggled throwing a traditional straight barrel.


18.0 g
46.0 mm
Max Dia
6.5 mm
90% Tungsten