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TRiNiDAD Pro Models ZAZA

TRiNiDAD PlayerZAZA ZHENG designed barrel

With all the cuts on the barrel being essential for the throw.
A standard centre balanced straight barrel.

China's TRiNiDAD player, Zaza Zheng's signature model.
The placement and the cut on the barrel are all designed and placed specifically in order to assist in the throw.

Starting with the gripping area. To prevent the dart from slipping out and not be too grippy, many edges were created by applying vertical cuts to the thin and shallow ring cuts. Behind it, alternating distinct double and single ring cuts were applied to assist in the grip.

At the front, stair cuts and delta cuts were placed alternatively. Zaza utilizes these cuts on the barrel to throw the darts effortlessly.

A standard centre balanced straight barrel. As there are plenty of usable grip at the front of the barrel, it is also highly recommended for those that prefer to grip the front of the barrel.


19.0 g
47.0 mm
Max Dia
6.4 mm
90% Tungsten