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TRiNiDAD X Models SHUFFLE steel

X series – Barrel Gripping has a yet unusual new feeling of stability.

The ball-shaped portion of this barrel becomes one of the most innovative and precise way to grip this extraordinary Barrel. By gripping the ball-shaped portion of this barrel, curiously a strong grip is hard to attain, unconsciously resulting in a thoughtless release of power with only one objective, the aimed place in the dartboard.

By comfortably throwing with a light grip, this barrel with a weight of 21.8 grams can achieve a great distance in its trajectory. In addition, by positioning your fingers against the ball, a comfortable length of 45mm will indubitably achieve the performance of a short barrel with all its benefits. Thanks to the ball-shaped grip portion, you will inevitably be always holding the barrel in the same position, resultingin a steady and yet firm grip of the dart.

By designing Shark cuts in the back and Micro-cuts in the front, the difference in cut heights will prevent slippage even before and after the final release of the dart.

A barrel thought and designed with an unusual grip, to set brand new limits.


21.8 g
45.0 mm
Max Dia
7.4 mm
90% Tungsten