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TRiNiDAD X ModelBERBICK steel 30g

TRiNiDAD X Models BERBICK steel 30g

2nd instalment of TRiNiDAD’s steel tip limited release.
A super bullet type torpedo barrel with emphasis on control.

The 2nd super heavy 30g model is a super bullet type torpedo.

With the dart being 30g in weight, the dart will take off as soon as it leaves the hand. Being a heavy barrel, it will make it easy to visualize the trajectory while throwing the dart.
The Berbick will fly with great force towards the target by just letting go of the dart during the throwing motion.

In addition, the shape of the 2nd 30g model is a bullet type torpedo.
With simple ring cuts and taper, added with the 30g, the dart is easy to control and can be thrown with ease. The wide ring cut and micro shark cut at the front of the barrel are also key features that assists in stabilizing the grip.

The super heavy 30g bullet type torpedo. It’s definitely a must try!


30.0 g
45.0 mm
Max Dia
8.4 mm
90% Tungsten