TRiNiDAD-Original Darts Brand-]


TRiNiDAD Pro ModelVASQUEZ steel

TRiNiDAD Pro Models VASQUEZ steel

TRiNiDAD PlayerIto Hiroyasudesigned barrel

Equipped with aggressive cuts all around, a front loaded long torpedo that is almost like a straight barrel.

TRiNiDAD player Hiroyasu Ito’s first signature model.

The VASQUEZ boasts aggressive cuts all around. At the back of the barrel, triple ring cuts were applied as an identifier for the gripping point and to provide the perfect feel for the grip. At the middle of the barrel, aggressive ring cuts were placed and at the very front of the barrel, aggressive delta cuts were applied to assist in completing the grip.

As for the STEEL Model, the inside of the barrel is filled as much as possible to allow the player to feel that the dart weighs more than 22g. The VASQUEZ is a hybrid barrel that has both the advantages of a torpedo and a straight barrel.


22.0 g
50.8 mm
Max Dia
7.2 mm
90% Tungsten