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TRiNiDAD Pro Models JOHN

TRiNiDAD PlayerHiroki Jyonodesigned barrel

The first model of Hiroki Jono, with the main grip section thoroughly designed.

TRiNiDAD PLAYER Hiroki Jono's first model JOHN.
The tapered part of the distinctive main grip. Hiroki Jono grips the tapered section from the straight rear straight ring cut. We focused on the angle and length of the taper to transmit power most efficiently so that the grip is stable and with the force like a ball is thrown. The cut is a simple ring cut that provides just the right amount of grip and feel. The front part of the barrel from the maximum diameter is narrowed down with a R shape to prevent the middle finger from applying pressure as much as possible.

He won the 2023PERFECT championship with his first barrel, and now he is aiming for even greater success with JOHN.


18.5 g
46.0 mm
Max Dia
7.6 mm
90% Tungsten

Used by Darts Player

Hiroki Jyono Jason Tai