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TRiNiDAD Undisputed ModelRICARDO

TRiNiDAD Undisputed Models RICARDO

TRiNiDAD PlayerSeigo Asadadesigned barrel

RICARDO, Trinidad Undisputed Seigo Asada Model

The return of Seigo Asada to TRiNiDAD as an Undisputed player.

At the back end of the barrel, ring cuts + taper that resembles the previous Lopez Type 4, is applied. At the main gripping area where Seigo Asada grips the darts, unique less aggressive shark cuts combined with vertical cuts are applied to assist Seigo as he spins the dart when releasing the darts.

A hybrid straight barrel, while maintaining a classic feel, whether gripping at the front or the back, the RICARDO is a versatile model that has been designed with consideration of applying a spin when throwing.


22.0 g
48.0 mm
Max Dia
7.0 mm
90% Tungsten