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TRiNiDAD Undisputed ModelKID TYPE2 STEEL

TRiNiDAD Undisputed Models KID TYPE2 STEEL

TRiNiDAD PlayerTomoya Goto designed barrel

TRiNiDAD Undisputed Tomoya Goto Model KID TYPE2.

Similar to the TYPE1, the gripping area between the soft tip model and the steel tip model are differentiated. In the Soft tip 2BA, orthodox double ring cuts are applied throughout the main gripping area and dot cuts are placed to assist in the strong release of the dart. At the front of the barrel, knurled cuts are applied to allow the user to gain more feedback from the release as the dart comes off the fingers.

In the Steel tip, ring cuts are placed throughout the barrel. In order to easily identify and replicate the gripping position, triple edged ring cuts are added. The concept in soft tip and the steel tip remain the same from the TYPE1 with changes just to the outline and the balance where the center of gravity is now semi-front. Barrel weight was also increased accordingly to provide a better feel as the dart takes flight.

Delicate changes were made as the model evolved into the TYPE2 to allow Tomoya Goto to take on the world.


24.0 g
51.0 mm
Max Dia
6.8 mm
95% Tungsten