TRiNiDAD-Original Darts Brand-]




Introducing the second OCTAGON Cut Barrel from the TRiNiDAD series, this barrel features a long straight cut octagon grip.

This Octagon cut grip is a perfect match for your fingers, providing a unique and tight grip feel to your fingertips. Perfect to the touch even in those moments when concentration and precision are the main sources of pressure.

The SHADOW Barrel is considered a piece of art among all barrels, featuring a Taper→Straight→Taper cut design in order to provide a perfect alignment of your fingertips when holding the barrel. Resting your index finger on the octagon barrel will provide you a comfortable yet steady and stabilized grip for your precise target throw.

Furthermore, the first micro-cut precisely placed 0.2mm improves your performance by allowing you to rest your middle finger with a firm grip of the dart. Having a total length of 46.0 mm, this barrel is also suitable for players holding the barrel with 4 fingers and providing a sturdy grip of the dart.

The perfect designing of this octagon barrel, with its tapered (recessed) micro-cut provides your fingers with a total sense of security for that crucial moment of releasing the dart. With its outstanding weight of only 20 grams, this barrel will fly straight to your desired target effortlessly.


20.0 g
46.0 mm
Max Dia
6.8 mm
90% Tungsten

Used by Darts Player

Andre Bothmann Steven McGuire