TRiNiDAD-Original Darts Brand-]




The heaviest barrel amongst all TRiNiDAD series.
22.5g heavyweight torpedo is born.

The greatest feature of this barrel is the barrel being one of the heavyweight barrels at 22.5g.

In addition, the shape and the cut of the barrel was designed specifically with the intention to control the 22.5g barrel.

Starting with the grip, taper was applied just behind the balance point of the barrel. By using the taper behind the balance point to throw, it allows for a smooth transfer of energy that will propel the 22.5g weighted dart straight towards the target.

Additionally, the cubic cut made up of ring cuts and 20 lines of vertical cut will play a key role that will yield a stable and consistent release by preventing the dart from slipping when using the taper to release the dart.

With the center indent, one can place the index finger at the indent to ensure there’s a consistent grip every time. As for the shallow indent at the front of the barrel, it was designed to fit one's third finger to provide a stable feel to the dart when gripped.

The barrel, with its heavy weight and how it will force a tight grouping when thrown resembles a heavy tank. Even when thrown lightly, this barrel was designed to provide for a strong powerful throw.


22.5 g
42.0 mm
Max Dia
8.0 mm
90% Tungsten