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TRiNiDAD PlayerNami Kiharadesigned barrel

The return of the Marco.
A standard 20g torpedo barrel that can be thrown with minimal effort.

Nami Kihara's renewed Marco was based on the TRiNiDAD X model Elliott. Approximately 70% of the barrel is comprised of orthodox ring cuts.

Of the ring cuts, tapers were added between the grooves to increase the gripping ability of the barrel. In addition to the main ring cuts, the ring cuts near back are comprised of micro cuts that further assist in the clean release of the barrel as it is thrown.

To allow throwing the barrel with minimal effort, the secret behind this lies behind the design outline of the barrel itself. At first glance, the barrel appears that there are only one taper near the gripping point. In fact, there are 3 levels of tapers that are included in the design to maximize the transfer of energy while exerting minimal power as the barrel is thrown.

The maximum diameter of the barrel is 7.7mm. The width allows for an easy grip and the balance of the balance the barrel is considered semi-front. Near the front of the barrel, thick diagonal ring cuts has been applied to further assist smooth releasing of the barrel.

Although it is rare to have a 20g barrel as a pro model for a female player, this barrel that can be thrown with minimal effort without feeling fatigued was one of the key factors that allowed Nami Kihara to be successful at full day tournaments.


20.0 g
41.5 mm
Max Dia
7.7 mm
90% Tungsten

Used by Darts Player

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