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TRiNiDAD Pro ModelROMAN type3

TRiNiDAD Pro Models ROMAN type3

TRiNiDAD PlayerMiyawaki Miyudesigned barrel

A first for the Roman. Different in spec and shape between soft and steel.

Soft tip model has a balance point of semi-rear and it is 44.5mm in length and 20.5g in weight.
Steel tip model has a balance point that is semi-front with 45mm in length and 21.5g in weight.
The two versions are different in shape and weight to maximize the nature of the two games of steel tip and sof tip.
At the main gripping point, thin double ring cuts are applied.
With the thin double ring cut and the taper, one can use these as the main gripping points to throw the darts effortlessly.


20.5 g
44.5 mm
Max Dia
7.3 mm
90% Tungsten

Used by Darts Player

Miyawaki Miyu