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TRiNiDAD Pro ModelLopez type2

TRiNiDAD Pro Models Lopez type2

Introducing the new TRiNiDAD LOPEZ Type 2 - Player Professional Model. Designed in
conjunction with professional darts player Seigo Asada.

The ‘almighty barrel’ is often used to describe the LOPEZ type 2 by players in both
soft tip and steel events in Japan. Slight weight increase gives that extra balance for a
tighter and more reliable performance in steel events.

Compared to Type 1, the Type 2 is designed for an even better feel that is more natural and
quicker to adjust to for new users. Additional detailed cuts & grooves allows for a tighter
and more reliable grip even for users who prefer a slight grip.


18.5 g
41.1 mm
Max Dia
7.4 mm
90% Tungsten